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A flavored ice block kneaded with a plethora of colorful hues; so frozen, so delicious, it melts into sweetness upon a slight touch of warmth. Now you know why we’re called “Bliss”. Dedicated to manufacturing 100% pure dairy ice cream, Bliss is solely devoted to create a multitude of yummy, delightful and healthy ice-cream flavors.

We offer multiple sizes that are a treat for every occasion. From Family Pack Brick Size to Small Cones, we seek to make your every occasion exciting, by committing to the procurement of finest ingredients, and to the manufacture of yummy, yet healthy ice cream.  

Our Hallmarks

100% Pure Dairy Ice Cream

We’re proud to claim that our ice creams are made with the purest ingredients of dairy, with milk cream as the key ingredient.

A Bulk of Flavors

Cookie and Cream, Vanilla Chocolate, Bubble Gum, or Strawberry; you name it, we’ve got it. With a bulk of flavors, we offer a variety of local, traditional and over-the-sea relishes.

Delicious Taste

Unparalleled in its deliciousness, each flavor of Bliss tastes like a night on the sea. You’re missing out if you’re not trying!

Multiple Sizes

Cups, Bricks, Lollies, Cones, Straws; we have the perfect size for every occasion.

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If you have any queries or feedback, you can share with us at, or contact us at 0800-25477.


We’re available for your service and ensure a prompt response. 

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