It all started with a vision of bringing revolution in the world of relish and flavor. Bliss Ice Cream is found on the notion that though we all count vanilla and chocolate while having a rundown on our favorite flavors, the world needs more than that. It needs Bubble Gum and Cookies & Cream to cherish in the warm summers, and to shiver in the adventurous night of December. And that’s how Bliss was found.

We do not see ourselves fitting in the typical framework of ice cream. We’re a new kind of ice cream, a delicious, sweet, ‘melts-on-your-tongue’ kind of ice cream. A fun, fruity, ‘summer to remember’ kind of ice cream. An innovative, exquisite, taste without waste kind of ice cream.

We do not believe in those plain, boring ice creams.

We’re the extraordinary, we are Bliss.

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